Scientists have listed the sweets, increasing the risk of cancer


Ученые перечислили сладости, увеличивающие риск развития рака The list includes many popular delicacies.

Nutritionists, studying the chemical composition of sweets, which most often acquire buyers, compiled a list of the most dangerous of them.

In the first place – different cupcakes and cakes with cheap colored glaze. Reminiscent of scientists in the production of this glaze use paint oil-based.

This poisonous delicacy, convinced nutritionists that can provoke in humans the development of the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity, and cancer.

In second place – sweet drinks. In their composition includes a genetically modified corn syrup high fructose and phosphoric acid. Why regular consumption of soda also triggers the formation of malignant tumors.

Corn syrup and artificial dyes present in many candies. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to replace them with a similar product, but made on the basis of organic fruit juice.

Completing the list of the most harmful sweets hot chocolate, loaded with purified sugar and gidrogenizirovanii oil (GM oil), and the popular brownies (chocolate brownies characteristic brown color), which also includes GM oil.


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