Scientists have learned where the person has a bounty


Учёные выяснили, откуда в человеке появляется щедростьScientists from the school of Business in Durham, North Carolina, found out how a person is generosity.

According to experts, people become less greedy, if more listen to older childhood.

As noted by the study’s lead author Kimberly Wade-Benzoni, especially towards the younger generation. It’s all in the perception of the actions of senior – if the person perceives them as a support, he strives to maintain itself as the template. Good intentions go, like a chain.

Thus, people gradually become kinder and can provide necessary, even in the most seemingly hopeless cases. Based on these findings, the generosity on the results of the five experiments. In one of the 80 volunteers had to choose how much to leave money for the person who was supposed to continue to take action on the task.

Some said that the previous participants they were given the maximum permissible amount, and others very little. The first group behaved more generously, and it was not the actual earnings, and in the fact.


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