Scientists have learned to turn the air into alcohol


Ученые научились превращать воздух в спиртNew cheap catalyst created by the chemists from USA, cheaply and efficiently break down compounds carbon monoxide

To convert carbon dioxide from the air into carbon monoxide, followed by converting it into alcohol, chemists in the US have developed a special catalyst. The cost is relatively small, but high efficiency.

New cheap catalyst, chemists created their USA, cheaply and efficiently break down compounds of carbon monoxide, thereby creating a “billet” for alcohol and other organic substances. Scientists National laboratory in Brookhaven said that due to the conversion of carbon monoxide to obtain the compounds of hydrogen and hydrocarbon. It can provide the population of the planet natural fuel and will allow to use cheaper raw materials for the chemical industry.

At the core of the catalyst for conversion of carbon monoxide is a flat two-dimensional material graphene. Scientists noticed that the structure resembles a honeycomb, and he is composed of carbon. Cells graphene honeycomb of bees, able to interact with Nickel, increasing its activity and improving efficiencies. Thus in grafenovoy the catalyst was retained chemical stability and the efficacy for a long time.


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