Scientists have invented a unique device for the treatment of eye


Ученые изобрели уникальное устройство для лечения глазExperts have developed a tiny spiral that can deliver the medication into the tissues of the eye

Scientists have developed a tiny spiral that can deliver the medication right on target, writes the with reference to Aspects

Modern methods of treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic macular edema based on direct injections or eye drops. These methods are effective, but not precise: often the drug is covered the whole eye.

The researchers used a nanoscale three-dimensional printing to create a spiral of robots small enough to pass through the thick gel-like substance known as vitreous, which is a big part of the eyeball. The researchers added in the device robots and slippery magnetic materials in order to promote the microrobot through the eyes using a magnetic field.

The researchers then gathered the eye of a pig from the slaughterhouse and put into each solution containing approximately 10,000 bots, and then put them in a magnetic field to promote bots to the retina in the back of the eye. Tomography has shown that the microrobots have successfully reached the retina in less than 30 minutes – about 10 times faster than particles of the same size diffuse through the eyes.

This technology is still far from clinical trials. First, researchers should check the spiral of bots in the eyes of the living animals before they can begin testing on humans. Then they need to come up with a new, safe, readily soluble material for microrobots, which is currently made of Nickel. Once that happens, scientists will test the new technology in humans.


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