Scientists have identified the most unpleasant in the world of color


Ученые определили самый неприятный в мире цветThe color associated with death and dirt.

Scientists have conducted research to find out how the color is the most unpleasant to the human eye. In the future it wants to use to combat the harmful habit of Smoking cigarettes.

The ugliest color in the world was called Pantone 448 C. In view of this tar-brown color, which looks quite bleak and disgusting. On assurances of scientists, a shade once associated with dirt and death, and causes loathing, nausea and vomiting. To search this color took three months of research and exhaustive tests on experimental people.

Ученые определили самый неприятный в мире цвет

As it turned out, this shade was chosen for a reason. It intends to use as tobacco and force manufacturers to fully paint all cigarette packs in this color. How to tell the experts, such measures should significantly reduce the willingness of people to buy and smoke cigarettes in such packages.

Ученые определили самый неприятный в мире цвет
Ученые определили самый неприятный в мире цвет

For research in finding the ugliest color answered by the Agency GfK, and the order was received directly from the Australian government. Currently, the anti-Smoking initiative was also joined by the UK, Ireland, France and Russia. Soon all tobacco products in these countries will be sold in bundles only color Pantone 448 C with additional warnings about harm of Smoking.


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