Scientists have identified genes that prolong human life


Ученые определили гены, которые продлевают жизнь человека

A group of researchers recently uncovered new genes of the parents related to life expectancy. This discovery one day could help prolong human life.

Scientists from the University of Exeter in Devon examined data 389166 volunteers who participated in UK Biobank and the Wisconsin longitudinal study in the United States. They analyzed gene variants that affect the lifespan of the parents of the participants.

DNA samples of volunteers carry genetic information about the biological parents, and therefore provide a practical way of learning solely lifetime.

Scientists have identified 8 genetic variants that have already been associated with life expectancy. They are primarily involved in heart disease and dementia.

However, new research has expanded this list to 25 genes, some of which are associated with a life expectancy of mothers or fathers.

“We have identified new pathways that contribute to survival. These data can potentially help to reduce the risk of early death and improving health,” said study author Luke Pilling.

The results of the study showed that many genetic variants together affect the duration of human life. However, none of the variant gene individually was not responsible for it.

The study was published in the journal “Aging new York.”



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