Scientists have heated the water to record temperature


Ученые нагрели воду до рекордной температуры This causes a rapid ionization.

Scientists from the German research center for particle physics DESY and Uppsala University (Sweden) conducted an experiment on ultra fast water heating x-ray laser (rather) – and see whether the result coincides with the simulation.

Usually heating in boiling water is the transfer of molecules kinetic energy through vibration by using convection or heat radiation. But in this case physicists have used a different method, where the energy is transmitted through the ionization of single femtosecond pulses of x-ray free electron laser. This causes a rapid ionization with the appearance of an exotic plasma state known as warm dense matter (warm dense matter, WOM).

Warm dense matter (MSW) – physical state of the substance, which in its parameters is between a solid and an ideal plasma. It is too dense to be described as plasma, and is too hot to treat condensed matter physics. In other words, it’s a cross between a plasma and a solid. It is much denser than the plasma (from 0.01 to 100 g per cm3), and in some cases has a specific gravity twice than solid substance from which obtained. In General, the peculiar substance of Schrodinger.


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