Scientists have found the reason for the sadness after sex


Ученые нашли причину печали после сексаDoctors said that after sex people can experience different feelings.

Researchers from the U.S. reported that they have discovered why people can become sad after sex. This condition has a scientific explanation.

What’s the matter, why do people sometimes feel sad after intimacy, what processes occur at this point in their body. And it’s not just positive feelings such as joy, happiness and delight. Sometimes a person may experience sadness, grief and even anxiety.

Thus, the quality of the sex does not play a role, on the contrary, after a very sex negative experiences can also appear. This condition is called post-coital depression. This is a completely known process that involves hormones in the human body.

Scientists said that as soon as the happy hormones – oxytocin and endorphins — these changes take place. After intercourse there is an immediate burning of these hormones, and sadness and sorrow is the consequence of this process. This resembles the withdrawal syndrome when use of antidepressants, the principle of operation is similar and the problem is exactly the same in this case.

In addition, most of such negative sentiments suffer, mostly ladies. This is a normal process, but it should not be repeated too often, this condition is not normal if a person experiences it regularly. The expert also added that the causes of post-coital depression can be much


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