Scientists have found the reason for the decrease in height of glaciers in Antarctica


Ученые выяснили причину уменьшения высоты ледников в АнтарктидеWas not expecting anyone.

Climatologists for a number of years we observe the changes of volume of the snow cover on the continent located at the South pole. According to experts, El Nino reduces the height of the glaciers in Antarctica 20 centimeters per year.

Scientists conducted the study, they used the testimony of four satellites in the period from 1994 to 2017. According to climatologists, during this time, the height of glaciers in Antarctica has decreased by five meters. The reason for this is the El niño – process of change of the surface temperature of the Pacific ocean at the equator. This natural phenomenon moves warm fluid flows in the direction of Antarctica. In the end, the ice shelf on the coldest continent of the Earth has thawed down.

The height of icebergs is reduced with the help of computer technology, scientists can calculate the precise parameters after a certain number of years. According to the statement of experts, the rate of melting of glaciers is an important indicator that it is desirable to know as it affects the future of humanity.


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