Scientists have found the one who sends to Earth the “alien” signals


Ученые нашли того, кто посылает на Землю «инопланетные» сигналыScientists know of only one source of radio bursts, which emits repetitive pulses.

Fast radio bursts (FRB) — the radio pulses of unknown origin that lasts only a few milliseconds. The first quick pulse was discovered in 2001-m radio telescope in Australia, the data which is processed only by 2007. Have since confirmed the existence of about 20 such signals. Likely sources were referred to as either fused to each other neutron stars, or turning into a black hole heavy pulsars (blicky). In addition, some scientists believe that the radio bursts arise from the activities of alien civilizations.

Scientists know of only one source of radio bursts, which emits repetitive pulses. In August 2017 the American astronomers using a radio telescope Green Bank Telescope in Virginia has registered 15 signals with a frequency of 5-8 GHz, which came from the dwarf galaxy, remote from Earth at three billion light years. The source, designated as FRB 121102, also emitted radio pulses in 2012 and 2015.

The repetition of the signals makes FRB 121102 convenient object for studying the causes of outbreaks. The researchers analyzed the characteristics of the radio emission source. In vacuum the magnetic field can lead to the Faraday effect, when the plane of the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave rotates at a certain angle. By measuring this angle, the researchers came to the conclusion that the radio waves passed through a region of space with superstrong magnetic fields.

Such exotic conditions might occur in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole exceeds the mass of the Sun in 10-100 million times and generating a powerful magnetic field. Then a direct flash source may be a neutron star or a plasma under the influence hole. Another explanation is that FRB 121102 is magnetized plemiona — nebula, fueled by the stellar wind from the pulsar.

According to scientists, the results of observation indicate that the FRB may arise in the interaction of compact objects with extreme magnetic fields. However, it remains to be seen what kind of mechanism lies in the formation of fast radio pulses.


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