Scientists have found the oldest Viking ship


Ученые нашли древнейший корабль викинговOn the ship found treasure

Vikings is one of the most warlike and mysterious eras, the mysteries of which continue to reach us to this day.

So, in the legendary Burra reserve, famous throughout Europe as the largest collection of Royal tombs, discovered the ancient ship of Scandinavian warriors. It is made of wood, with a length of 15 meters, and dates back to the discovery of 700-1100 years BC

The ship is now in the empty space, he removed the soil and therefore it is not known how well it was kept, says the Norwegian Minister of climate and environment of the Ula, Alveston. The day found the ship, will go down in history, says the official. He also added that in Europe have already found fifteen ships of the Viking age. In Norway these boats found seven, three of them are in Westfall.

Also, Ula said that before you start digging, you need to obtain permission from Cultural-historical Museum in Oslo and the Norwegian Public service of protection of monuments.

According to scientists, the discovery may be ship of the dead. It is also known that the Vikings used a stone or wooden boats for the disposal of military commanders to Express a special respect. They filled the court house utensils, carcasses of horses, bullocks, and everything necessary for the afterlife.

First began to use the ship or boat in the funeral rite is not a Vikings. But their version of a funeral ritual with all the details came to modern times through the Arab traveler and writer of the first half of the tenth century, Ibn Fadlan.


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