Scientists have found the “extinct” fish


In the Australian state of Victoria found an extremely rare southern purple-spotted gudgeon, which was considered extinct.

Experts have noticed minnows when engaged in restoration of lakes in the North-West of Victoria in the framework of the project on restoration of lakes used for the irrigation system. Fish of this species was declared extinct in 1998.

Environmentalists halted work, photographed minnows and took DNA samples to send them for review. If it is confirmed that fish belong to this species, the state program of protection and recovery of their population.

Minister of water resources of the state of Victoria Lisa Neville (Lisa Neville) stated that the discovery of fish suggests that the work performed for the protection of waterways and valuable ecosystems is no wonder.

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Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. state of North Carolina noticed the Eastern Cougar, which is considered extinct. Eastern Cougars are large predators, which in the past inhabited the northeast United States, but in 2011, the subspecies was recognized disappeared.


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