Scientists have found the cause of the largest extinction of marine life


Ученые выяснили причину вымирания крупнейших морских обитателейOxygen killed dozens of sea creatures

marine sushestvuet oxygen enterprises of the ocean, which happened about 95 million years ago, disappeared a lot of water dwellers, among whom were the ichthyosaurs and pliosaurs.

Scientists and geologists were able to establish that oxygen Association occurred in two stages, not one, as was supposed earlier.

The article describes that the interval between the two stages of reduction of the oxygen in the ocean was a duration of 100 thousand years.

As a result of anoxia of the ocean has performed a significant reduction of the level of oxygen in deep sea areas. This makes the water suitable for living organisms that use oxygen to function. As a result, many animals just died out.

Using computer modeling, geologists also found that in addition to lowering the oxygen was also an increase of hydrogen sulfide. Scientists have proven that during both phases of anoxic events have increased carbon dioxide and increased temperature.

The extinction of numerous marine animals geologists associated with global warming on the planet, as well as changes in the chemical composition of ocean water. Scientists suggest that the next stage of the extinction of large marine animals will begin in the XXII century.


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