Scientists have found the bacterium, which will prevent potholes


Ученые нашли бактерию, которая предупредит ямы на дорогахMicroorganisms allow you to keep road surface intact for a long time.

Experts Drechselschule University in Philadelphia has proposed to add asphalt mix special bacteria, which will make the pavement more durable.

Scientists have solved the problem of the formation of holes and cracks on the roads that appear after winter. The fact that de-icing is widely used the calcium chloride: it deeply penetrates into the road surface and reacts with the present in concrete, calcium hydroxide. This forms the salt destroys the road.

In Drexelbrook University proposed to use bacteria Sporosarcina pasteurii, are involved in the production of calcium carbonate – natural glue for the sand and rocks.

Experts have conducted a number of tests: specimens with concrete containing Sporosarcina pasteurii, were exposed to solution of calcium chloride for 28 days. As reported on the website of University obtained in the tests results proved that microorganisms allow you to keep road surface intact for a long time.


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