Scientists have found that the Celts did with the heads of enemies


Ученые выяснили, что кельты делали с головами враговFrom the Celtic tribes there was a custom to behead their enemies

The ancient Gauls were cut off and embalmed the heads of their enemies. This was said by the ancient historians but now researchers found in the South of France the bones of the skull, on which traces of resin of coniferous trees.

According to the testimony of ancient Greek and Roman historians, the Celtic tribes there was a custom to behead their enemies after a battle, to hang the head on the neck of the horses and take them to his settlement. There they were put on public display. To preserve the heads, the Celts kept them in the oil of coniferous trees, which the Greeks called cedar.

In the fortified settlement Liu Steward in the South of France, archaeologists found 2.7 thousand fragments of human bones. They were mostly bones of the skull and of the cervical vertebrae. Many turtles were traces of cuts, which showed that the head was first cut off and then made to show – cleaned pieces of the cervical vertebrae and, apparently, took out the tongue and brains.

The study authors decided to test the words of ancient authors and find out whether the ancient Gauls embalmed head to better keep them. Scientists selected 11 fragments of skull bones, grind some of them into powder and conducted a chemical analysis using mass spectrometry.

In six of the 11 fragments, in addition to the components and degradation products of fats, researchers found traces of the components of the resin of coniferous trees. From this the authors concluded that the ancient historians are right, and the Gauls do the head embalmed to preserve them.


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