Scientists have found in China a new, potentially deadly virus


Ученые нашли в Китае новый потенциально смертельный вирусFlying dogs were carriers of a potentially dangerous fever of Mengla.

It is noted that the virus was detected in bats dogs that live in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. The researchers conducted the genome sequencing of the virus particles, attributing them to a separate genus Dianlovirus: only from 32 to 54% of their RNA is similar to other well-known filovirus. According to the authors, the evolutionary tree of filovirus Mengla located “somewhere in the middle” between Ebola and Marburg. He highlighted the region’s spread, which is uncommon for other filovirus. However, Marburg, and Ebola virus have in common Mengla a lot of threatening characteristics.

According to the researchers, the virus contains seven genes, including NPC1 protein, which all of these filovirus use to bind to the host cell. Experiments on laboratory animals showed that the virus is capable of crossing the species barrier, i.e., it is a potential threat to humanity.


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