Scientists have found an unusual bird


Ученые нашли необычную птицуFound a unique bird – a hybrid of three types

American scientists have found an unusual komyshivka. Studies have shown that a mother bird was a hybrid of two species, and the father is the representative of a third type of these birds.

Pensilvansky ornithologist Lowell Burkett (USA) in may this year, took video of an unusual bird. Specialist could not determine what was that bird, because the color of its plumage was similar like Golden-winged and blue-winged benackova songstress. After news of the unusual discovery, other experts also wanted to connect to the study and created a whole group of scientists.

It is known that after the watchers had managed to re-track the bird. They took to study her blood samples for comparison. When analysed, it became known that the assumptions of specialists confirmed – this unusual bird was indeed hybrids of the three types.

The fact of the appearance of a hybrid of the three types is unique and fixed for the first time. However, there is a reason for worry: this phenomenon may indicate that in the wild there is a shortage of suitable partners, which forces birds to mate with other species, confirming previous observations on the reduction of populations of Golden-winged penaskovic songstress in the heart of the Appalachian mountains (USA).

It is known that some hybrids of birds remain fertile and able to breed, and the mother found the triple hybrid is confirmed. However, it is not known whether he triple hybrid to reproduce. The watchers are going to continue to observe the bird, to find out if it will become an outcast, or will be able to mate and lay eggs.


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