Scientists have figured out what the difference between brain from lefties and righties


Ученые выяснили, в чем отличие работы мозга у левши и правшиAugust 13 – Day lefties

It is symbolic that in honor of Lefty, which since 1976 is celebrated worldwide on August 13, scientists took to answer questions about what differences the brain from lefties and righties.

As it turned out, those who write with the left hand, processes the received information in two hemispheres at the same time.

Scientists have found that in addition to the phenomenon of left-handedness, in the world among people there are representatives of levonogestrel, lovaglia and levofast. Found that “pure” lefties or righties don’t virtually no. Almost every have mixed types. A group of researchers from the Institute of neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko, headed by doctor of medical Sciences Natalia Bragina and Tamara the Dobrokhotova, conducted an interesting experiment. It was attended by 100 students, 50 girls and 50 guys. As it turned out, the “pure” right-handers among the study participants only 38 people. The rest is dominated by mixed types of perception. These people have for processing information notes to the left hemisphere.

Speaking of those who wrote with the left hand, to a greater degree of perception, it is responsible more both hemispheres of the brain, although initially the signals fall to the right side. Experts believe that due to the fact that employees in the processing of information involves two halves of the brain, they are subject to a very uncommon and mostly creativity. They generate a lot of interesting ideas and this is due to the fact that the right-hander for a long time analyzes of thought and lack of logic, rejects her. And those who employ two hemispheres, quite see the solution to problems where the right-hander doesn’t see and enjoy this very idea.

However, there are pitfalls, scientists believe that left-handed people are more predisposed to the development of epilepsy. The right-hander can anticipate the offensive attack, while a Lefty can’t even remember how it started.


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