Scientists have figured out how a person can live


Ученые выяснили, сколько может жить человекThe maximum duration of human life determined on the basis of 30-year observations.

Scientists Tilburg University (Netherlands) conducted a statistical analysis of life expectancy of more than 75 thousand Netherlanders over 94 years, who died over the period 1986-2015.

The study authors found that the number of people over 95 years over the last 30 years has increased three times, but the maximum lifespan has not practically changed.

This fact, the authors considered evidence of the limit of human life. According to their estimates, women can live up to 115,7 years, and men — up to 114,1.

It is worth noting that the oldest who ever lived people on Earth, whose dates of birth and death officially confirmed was the Frenchwoman Jeanne calment, who died in August 1997. She lived 122 years, 5 months and 14 days.


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