Scientists have explained why the dogs often take offense


Ученые рассказали, почему собаки часто обижаютсяDogs remain hostile to rivals.

Scientists have found that wolves in a few minutes after the conflict return to normal behavior and can even start to play with a former rival. Dogs, on the contrary, for a long time after a fight, avoid the enemy. Researchers believe this trait is key for wolves life in the pack, and dogs for some reason it lost.

Wolves are pack animals, in order to survive in the team, they have developed specific norms of behavior. In particular, there are rules concerning dominance, food and mating. As shown by the authors of the new work, they have specific rules for how to behave after the conflict. However, in dogs, which are also considered to be gregarious animals, that is not in sight.

In order to find out how the animals behave after the clashes, the researchers created four wolves and dogs unfamiliar with each other before animals. As expected, the researchers, the animals were fighting a lot: about once an hour of wolves and a few less dogs. However, wolves are very quickly overcome the conflicts, and in ten minutes just aggressive individuals were able to play together. In the case of dog fighting was more fierce, and the animals themselves after such a situation has long avoided each other, not reconciled.

The authors believe that such behavior is important for the survival packs in the wild, as the functioning of the whole community, in particular, hunting, depend on the concerted action of all participants. In the case of dogs habits have changed for thousands of years after domestication: new life next to a man more important was the ability to do without the participation of other members of their own species.


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