Scientists have explained why all countries can’t live well


Ученые рассказали, почему все страны мира не могут жить хорошоOn the planet has to be 6 times more resources.

Developing countries are unlikely to achieve the same standard of living as developed countries. At least without harm to the environment this process is not possible. To such conclusion the group of researchers from the University of Leeds. The researchers also found that many developed countries have already exhausted a significant part of the resources, so they should reduce consumption and decrease demand.

A high standard of living in all countries at the same time impossible because of the lack of resources on the planet, say researchers from the University of Leeds (UK). Scientists analyzed the resource consumption and quality of life in 151 countries. It turned out that most developed countries the closest they have come to limit the use of land and water, and reached maximum values on the quantity of emissions.

The maximum rate of consumption exceeded without exception, rich countries. “The greater the social wealth has made the country the more of the planetary boundaries she overcame. And Vice versa,” explained one of the study’s authors William lamb.

To maintain the standard of living in rich countries at the same level and to create similar conditions in developing countries, on the planet has to be 6 times more resources.

Scientists came to the conclusion that to run the program on sustainable development of the UN adopted in 2015, will not succeed. This plan called for the eradication of poverty worldwide, achieving universal prosperity and care about the planet. However, the desire for universal welfare will exacerbate the problem of climate change and would entail other negative impacts on the environment.


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