Scientists have explained, what will be the main obstacle flights to Mars


Ученые объяснили, что станет главным препятствием полетов на МарсThe key detail.

People will be able only once to travel to Mars without a serious health risk.

Scientists estimate that during the flight to Mars and back the person will receive a radiation dose, which is equal to approximately 60 percent of the allowable.

These calculations are based on data obtained from the device Trace Gas Orbiter mission “Eczemas”.

During the trip a person can receive a dose of radiation, comparable to the maximum allowable – approximately 0.66 SV, 95 percent of which are galactic cosmic rays, and only 5 percent of the Sun’s radiation, the material reads.

On Earth, the background radiation is about 2.4 millisievert per year.

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Measurements on the surface of Mars was not carried out and the calculations were not taken into account.


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