Scientists have documented an intelligent signal from space


Ученые зафиксировали разумный сигнал из космоса The origin of the signal is not yet known.

To date, scientists have not unraveled the nature of fast radio pulses (abbreviated FRB). These pulses represent a powerful bursts of electromagnetic energy, their strength comparable to the emissions of one star over several thousand years.

The last radio scientists called FRB 121102, the recording was made by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. This signal is periodically repeated. Unfortunately, it is impossible to track (each month the Observatory records the audio file with a size of 400 terabytes).

Yesterday the signal FRB 121102 was repeated. For the analysis of array data, the researchers decided to bring artificial intelligence to the one found in the entry signs signal was sent by intelligent beings.

It turned out that the total number of radio waves has been caught 72 times, not 16. Now, experts think, why AI did not analyze the other radio, not distinguishable by the human ear, if it lies in AI of the frequency.

Some astronomers in the last century reported that no advanced alien civilization would not personally visit the Earth. They will send out self-replicating software modules. These modules are in theory able to create AI.

It turns out that the creators of the project Breakthrough Listen long proved the presence of these modules in space.


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