Scientists have discovered why the dinosaurs became extinct


Ученые выяснили, почему вымерли динозаврыNamed the new version of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Scientists from Japan proposed a new version of the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

Experts suggest that they died out because of the layer of soot in the atmosphere, which threw a giant volcano.

As the article says researchers in a scientific journal, some of the dinosaurs really were able to disappear from the face of the Earth once the planet dropped a giant asteroid, but not only it became the reason of extinction.

It is noted that in the same period, the Earth was the eruption of a giant volcano Chicxulub on the territory of modern Mexico.

He threw a huge amount of soot into the air that could cause the deaths of many dinosaurs.

According to the researchers, the layer of soot was so dense that it almost entirely covered the sky and absorb all the sun’s rays. As a result, all the dinosaurs died out, and escape was possible only for those who could take refuge in the water, descendants of which became the modern crocodiles.

There are already a number of scholars have criticized this theory, insisting that the dinosaur destroyed all the same asteroid.


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