Scientists have discovered our ancestors strange anomalies


Ученые обнаружили у наших предков странные аномалииNow such deviations is rare.

Talking about this the experts of the University of Washington. To retrieve data, they investigated the remains of people who lived in the Pleistocene period. It was at this time the inhabitants of the African continent, acquiring the appearance of modern man, began to leave their lands for the development of new territories. But other members of the Homo in most of the cases had abnormalities of the body. This became known as a result of analysis of sixty-six of the remains of ancient people. They all lived about two thousand years ago. Only experts have counted seventy-five anomalies. It is unusual vignette upper and lower extremities, deformation of the jaw and the like. Two-thirds of the anomalies of the time in today’s world there are only one percent of the population.

Scientists suggest that such modifications can be the result of interbreeding of people having close family ties.


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