Scientists have discovered in Antarctica the remains of an ancient civilization


Ученые обнаружили в Антарктиде остатки древней цивилизацииData objects can be evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization.

The researcher of Antarctica using Google Earth found on the surface of the pyramid that are above those found in Egyptian Giza.

Data objects can be evidence of the existence on the southern continent Land of ancient civilization.

The researcher alone through one only the pictures from space satellite Google Earth studied the surface of Antarctica and made a surprising discovery. It appears, on the surface a very young continent on the planet is education, which is very reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids, although they are much more famous antiquities.

According to the researcher, found objects can indicate the presence in Antarctica of traces of some ancient civilization, which built these structures. To confirm or refute his assumptions can only archeological expedition to the southern continent, which will remove the surface layer of ice and snow for detailed study.

The researcher believes that if his assumptions are true, the pyramids in Antarctica will completely change the way people think about the ancient history of our planet.


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