Scientists have discovered how the bears cope with fatty foods without dieting


Ученые выяснили, как медведи справляются с жирной пищей без диет  The results of a unique study.

Does not affect the health of the grizzly and brown bears, and does not lead to the development of diabetes and other diseases, eating huge quantities of harmful fat and high-calorie food.

Found out by canadian scientists published an article in the publication Canadian Journal of Zoology.

“The Grizzlies do have a kind of “immunity” for fatty foods, but it is important to understand that we have received this data during only one season of observations. It is possible that inflammation and a small heart problem that we fixed, will cause more serious problems in the future,” said Daniella Riva (Danielle Rivet) from Washington state University in Pullman (USA).

Fatty and high calorie foods are traditionally considered to be extremely dangerous and harmful to the human body, as it promotes the development of obesity, diabetes and other health problems, significantly shortening life expectancy. Almost all negative effects from its consumption has long been confirmed in animal experiments and has been extensively studied over the last decade.

On the other hand, there are whole peoples like the Inuit or Chukchi, and some species, for example, polar bears that can eat only meat and fat and not experience the problems that struck almost all of humanity in recent years. Today, geneticists and biologists are actively studying the DNA of these people and animals, and their microflora in an attempt to understand what protects them from developing problems with the metabolism.

Riva and her colleagues found another example of such “superpowers” in animals, observing the health and behavior of a number of Grizzlies living in the kennels of the University of Washington and took part in an unusual experiment.

These experiments, as the researchers note, they were forced to carry out what the natural habitat of bears has significantly reduced and fragmented in recent years, resulting in “masters of the forest” often wander into the territory of cities and other settlements, and start to eat products discarded to landfills, including meat, fat and cheese. Scientists are interested in how this diet can affect the health of animals, very rarely faced with such “wealth” menu, under natural conditions.

Following this idea, biologists have divided the grizzly into two groups, half of which they were fed porridge and trout, whose meat contains the “healthy” fatty acids and the other fatty and unhealthy diet consisting entirely of cheese and beef. Watching their health throughout the summer, the scientists left the bears alone for the period of their hibernation, and re-assessed their vitals in the spring, when the animals awoke.

As shown by these measurements, insulin levels, “bad” cholesterol and other biomarkers in the blood and those other grizzly was essentially the same. The only differences that managed to capture the scientists, was the fact that the body bears on the “meat” of the diet was attended by a little more foci of inflammation, and in their hearts, there were minor violations. And those differences were completely insignificant compared to the problems that would arise in the human body, if he ate a similar diet.

Despite these results, researchers still recommend city services and the owners of farms, homes and estates on the borders of the “estates” bears to properly dispose of food waste and not putting fat and meat foods, which can not only attract dangerous animals to places of human habitation, but also worsen their health, contributing to further reduction in their numbers.


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