Scientists have discovered how alcohol and food affect the brain


Signals to the brain reached in different ways.

Alcohol and fatty foods are equally strongly inhibit the activity of the hunger center, but operate in different ways. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania.

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During the experiments the researchers measured neural activity in hungry mice. Experimental rodents were given either food or alcohol. The results showed that both options have the same effect on the neurons involved in food intake and reward. However, the signals in the brain came in different ways.

In the case of a meal the transmission channel information from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain was made by the vagus nerve. It is responsible for the transmission of nutritional signals so-called “neuronal death.” Alcohol gets access to these neurons and inhibits their activity directly through the bloodstream without affecting the insular cortex, the vagus nerve and other areas of the brain associated with hunger and satiation.

In addition, fatty foods and alcohol are equally stimulated the pleasure center, but this occurred through a variety of mechanisms.

Thus, even in the presence of similar properties intoxication and satiety evoke different feelings and different effects on behavior, scientists say.


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