Scientists have discovered favor fatty cheese


Ученые открыли пользу жирного сыраFatty cheese is incredibly good for our health.

A new study by scientists from University College Dublin proves that discard fat cheese is impossible. Experts said: this cheese lowers cholesterol more effective than other dairy products.

“Daily consumption of 120 grams of cheese with a high content of milk fat helps reduce “bad” cholesterol in the human body more than the consumption of cheese, low-fat,” the scientists said.

This conclusion was made by researchers after the experiment with the participation of more than 160 people with excess weight at age 50 years and older who consumed different types of cheese, different fat. The results of the experiment suggests that eating fatty cheese, contrary to popular belief about fat products, not only increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, but rather helps to reduce it.

The scientists concluded: that cheese with the full fat due to its ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood reduces the risk of death from stroke, and significantly, by 42%. This property of product specialists associated with the fact that unlike other dairy products, fat cheese contains a membrane around the droplets of fatty acids, not allowing them to be deposited in the blood vessels to cholesterol plaques.


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