Scientists have discovered dolphins have “human” abilities


Ученые обнаружили у дельфинов "человеческие" способностиIt turns out that they originally win the hearts of the opposite sex.

Oceanographers found that male dolphins seek the favor of females, presenting them gifts. The corresponding article was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

A group of oceanographers during long-term monitoring of humpback dolphins off the Northwest coast of Australia was first documented as the male presents the female a gift – it is obvious that she agreed with him to mate. The Dolphin sank to the bottom and lifted out of the sea sponge, and then his nose pushed her to the female. Researchers believe that so he probably wanted to establish itself as a partner for her.

Such behavior is rare in mammals except for primates. According to scientists, the observations indicate a previously unknown feature of social interactions in dolphins.

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In the future, they hope to discover whether this behavior of the males increases the likelihood of mating.


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