Scientists have discovered an important factor of attractiveness


Ученые открыли важный фактор привлекательности German biologists have done experiments and found that affects libido.

Scientists from the German University of Saarland and the Belgian University of Liege as part of an international group of biologists have found that affects the attraction to the opposite sex. Experts conducted a study of the amygdala of the brain of mice, which is responsible for the sexual behavior and expression of emotions.

The result was revealed increased susceptibility of individual neurons to the hormone kisspeptin. Observations have shown that activation of these neurons in experimental animals leads to increased social activity and increased interest in the opposite sex, as well as reduced levels of anxiety.

The study mentions that the production of this hormone in females mice were directly influenced by intensifying the pheromones of males. This finding, according to one of the authors Professor at the University of Saarland Ulrich Boehm, should help in developing drugs for people suffering from sexual disorders women.

Hormone kisspeptin and its impact on sexual activity and was previously studied by biologists. Scientists have linked it with sexual maturation and regulation of reproductive function. Now, however, experts found a link between ovulation and sexual desire. These processes are controlled by essentially a molecule of the same type, but in different parts of the brain and, in parallel, reported in the publication Science Daily.


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