Scientists have discovered a virus that will destroy cancer


Ученые обнаружили вирусы, которые уничтожат ракThe virus is able to change form.

Scientists have made a unique discovery in the hot springs of Yellowstone national Park. In the waters of the springs were discovered a virus that could be the basis for anti-cancer drugs. The new virus was named Acidianus.

For the study of the virus, the scientists used a combination of the two methods — cryoelectron microscopy and x-ray crystallography. Studies have shown that the virus has a unique feature — it is able to instantly change the form of an egg on a cylindrical.

This transformation, according to scientists, the probably allows the virus effectively implemented in the different cells copy their DNA and RNA. The identified feature may be useful in medicine. Maybe a virus will turn into a carrier of drugs, “loading” his medication, or the necessary genetic information, and then introducing into the cancer cells.


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