Scientists have discovered a new mystery in the Solar system


Учёные обнаружили новую загадку в Солнечной системеX-rays from an unknown source recorded in the Solar system.

Scientists have conducted research work, the results of which showed that the Earth in large numbers surrounded by divergent x-rays, creating the cosmic microwave background.

The researchers said that their discovery, they have questioned many other scientists.

In the study, the researchers used a special probe DXL sent into Earth orbit. The experts found that x-rays are around all objects in the milky Way. In addition, it is found that radiation is a limiting force that allows cosmic bodies to stay in one place and follow axis.

Scientists have found that in the milky Way, the largest sources of x-rays are an area of rarefied hot gas inside the sleeve of the Orion and the solar wind. In addition, using the probe DXL researchers have searched for other rays with high energy, which previously no one was watching. Scientists intend to study the nature and origin of the detected radiation.


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