Scientists have discovered a galaxy similar to the milky way


Учёные обнаружили галактику, похожую на Млечный путьThe majority of giant galaxies like our galactic companions there.

Astrophysicists Sanjaya Paudel and Chandra Sengupta from Yonsei University in Seoul (South Korea) found remarkably similar to the milky Way galaxy in the constellation Hydra.

The majority of giant galaxies like our galactic companions there. This is because a large galaxy attracted gas, which contributes to the dispersion of smaller galaxies. Our galaxy is one of the exceptions to this pattern. She has two galactic satellites Magellanie Clouds. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that they were formed relatively recently, and the milky Way simply do not have time to get the most out of gas.

NGC 2718, Korean scientists found, similar to our galaxy, it is the structure: it also has two zvezdoobrazovaniya and interacting as Magellanie Clouds, satellites. In addition, it almost exactly follows the border of the milky Way.

The researchers intend to examine all of the processes in this cluster and find the answer to the question whether there is life in the galaxy-twin.


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