Scientists have developed a printing method using sound waves


Учёные разработали метод печати при помощи звуковой волны Experts have changed the parameters of the sound wave.

Interesting technique will allow you to use even the liquid metal jet printing.

A group of scientists from the United States and Switzerland have created a unique method of printing thanks to the sound and viscous liquids. Now, sound waves are unable to print the honey and other viscous liquids, the authors of innovative discoveries.

Researchers have achieved unexpected result using an acoustic resonator, in which is placed the nozzle of the printer head. After this the resonator was able to create a standing sound wave acting on a drop of ink. Experts have changed the parameters of sound waves, and it is possible to adjust the droplet size.

The authors tested the new method on different liquids and mixtures. Thus, they were able to print a variety of patterns and logos of their universities.

Bright minds believe that an unusual technique successfully will be able to apply in the food, biological, and cosmetic industries.


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