Scientists have developed a nonstick coating without flaws


Ученые разработали противопригарное покрытие без изъянов Scientists at the Institute of nonferrous metals and material science of Siberian Federal University have developed a technology for obtaining water and sambusaidi nonstick coatings based on natural and mekhanoaktivirovannykh graphites used in the manufacture of castings from cast iron.

To make the surface of iron casting of higher quality, on the working surfaces of molds and cores cause the nonstick coating – paint, which is a suspension consisting of a powdered refractory filler, binder, additives, uniformly distributed in the solvent.

The coating makes the form less rough, resulting in casting surface is more smooth and clean. In addition, the coating insulates the grains of the refractory filler from contact with metals, thus reducing the penetration on the surface of the casting.

“We proposed a new model of “pseudo Sol-gel” formation of technological and operational properties.

On the basis of its developed water-nonstick coating with improved sedimentation stability (the ability of a disperse system to keep constant in time the distribution of particles in the volume of the system, i.e. the system’s ability to withstand the effects of gravity. – Approx. NS) twice and given strength (six to eight times), a reduced thickness of the covering layer (half) and flow rate of the dry components is reduced by 30-40% compared with standard coating.

Also managed to develop a unique sambusaidi nonstick coating with higher density, viscosity and given strength.

The thickness of the penetrating layer is increased to 4.64 mm, and the thickness of the covering layer is reduced to 0.26 mm. This was possible due to partial substitution of natural graphite in the composition mekhanoaktivirovannykh,” – said associate Professor of Department of casting production Izmem, candidate of technical Sciences Tatiana Gilmanshin.

Research scientists in Krasnoyarsk will help to reduce the penetration on the surface of the iron casting by 70-85 percent, while reducing roughness and size of the graphite inclusions in the surface layer of the casting.

Currently, the results of the study are introduced on JSC “Krasnoyarskgrafit” in the iron shops of JSC “Repair mechanical plant “Yenisei” and OAO Sibirskiy tool plant” and LLC “Russian Engineering”.


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