Scientists have determined the mass of the “Ghost particles”


Neutrinos leads to important processes in stars.

A team of scientists first determined the upper mass limit of the “Ghost particle” neutrinos, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

Neutrino offers many important processes occurring in stars. This particle had previously been predicted only in theory and was introduced to explain the excess energy that come from the Sun at course on it of thermonuclear reactions. To observe neutrinos directly is very difficult, and scientists to conduct high-precision measurements in the water column is a huge amount.

Until recently it was believed that neutrinos are massless, like the photon. But new research not only claims that she has a lot, but imposes restrictions on its value. For this, the researchers used information from various sources, including space and ground telescopes, watching the first light of the Universe (cosmic microwave background radiation), the supernova, the largest 3D map of galaxies in the Universe, particle accelerators and nuclear reactors.

According to scientists, they used the method of analysis can be applied to many other types of particles. With the help of it managed to impose limits on the mass of all three neutrino types — electron, muon and Tau. Previously I installed the approximate total mass of all types of neutrinos. Now scientists have gone further and using the Grace supercomputer was considered the maximum mass of one type of particle.

It turned out, the mass of the electron neutrino is about a million times smaller than the electron itself, is 1.5×10-37 kg. According to the confidence interval of measurement is 95 percent probability that the actual value will be close to the calculated limits of error.

Scientists have been able to get this value using a vast array of modern measuring instruments. But even it is not enough to calculate the approximate value of the mass of the other two types of “Ghost particles”. According to experts, the launch of new space telescopes and taking data from detectors of Cherenkov radiation will allow to solve this problem.


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