Scientists have described how life in the village affects the level of intelligence


Ученые рассказали, как жизнь в деревне влияет на уровень интеллектаVillagers longer retain clear thinking.

A group of scientists from the Institute of global health in Barcelona for 10 years involved in the comparison of life of people in cities and rural areas in the UK, came to the conclusion that the villagers are longer retain clarity of mind.

Experts in the course of his long experiment was observed over 6500 volunteers aged 56 to 68 years who were offered to take tests for verbal and numeric perception and short-term memory.

The results showed that the cognitive abilities of the rural population over 10 years reduced by as much as 4.6% less than their urban counterparts.

“All this indicates that such features of the urban environment, as pollution and noise, unhealthy lifestyle and stress, increase the risk of dementia and other cognitive decline, – says the head of the project Carmen de Keyser. – A life surrounded by greenery, in turn, increases physical activity, reduces stress and eliminates the impact of noise and pollution”.

About how seriously the paper itself refers to the results of this study can be judged by an editorial under the title “the Clever country mouse”.

In fact, the night in the village you don’t blind the bright street lights, so you can sleep well and relieve stress in homes are typically chilly, so you need to keep moving, no buses, so for the fresh issue of the newspaper should be a morning walk.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that the village mouse to old age differ in intelligence and wit, and their urban companions quietly grows dull, lying on the warm sofa.


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