Scientists have described how a pet changes the human body


Ученые рассказали, как наличие питомца меняет организм человекаThe dog will improve your life performance.

If the person has a dog, it leads to certain changes on the behavioral, psychological, neurochemical, and other levels. This was stated by scientist and author of books about animals Meg Olmert, who worked on the research at the Karolinska Institute, and the University of Maryland.

Meg Olmert gave an interview to the Daily Mail, which talked about the presence of the amazing feedback that exists between man and dog. According to the scientist, communication that inevitably occurs in humans with their four-legged pet, affects segments of the brain responsible for the synthesis of oxytocin, dopamine, and other vital hormonal agents.

Studies have shown that living with Pets and in particular communication with it lowers blood pressure, normalizes heart rate variability, improves the ability to respond to stress. This is due to the development of anti-stress hormones, like oxytocin, opioids, adrenaline and serotonin, noted Olmert.

Specialist compared the peculiarity of man’s relationship with your pet with the relationship of a mother for her child.

“The mother is experiencing completely different emotions when looking at photos of your child and other children. The woman at this time there is activation of brain regions rich in oxytocin and dopamine. Decreases the heart rate, falling blood pressure, the release of adrenaline, opioids and serotonin. Data anti-stress components are also highlighted and the owner of the dog, it does not come side effects,” — said the researcher.


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