Scientists have created the image of ideal women


Ученые создали образ идеальной женщиныAmong the disadvantages is used by the human respiratory system.

Professor of anatomy and anthropology at the University of Bristol’s Alice Roberts created the “perfect” female model of the future, rejecting the evolutionary process of mankind.

In her opinion, to achieve perfection prevents the person suffering from ultraviolet radiation skin. The most appropriate option would be to use the skin of frogs. Also among the disadvantages is used by the human respiratory system birds, using air bags, much more efficiently get rid of carbon dioxide.

The researcher has adopted the ears of bats and kangaroo bag for bearing offspring. Feet Roberts was replaced on the bird, noting that while this increases speed, but no possibility to climb on hills.

“When I first saw a 3D model of my experiment — and I cried,” recalls the Professor.

Ученые создали образ идеальной женщины


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