Scientists have created the fastest spinning object in the world


Учёные создали самый быстрый вращающийся объект в миреThe rotor makes 60 million rotations per minute.

New rotor, the assurance of scientists, can contribute to the study of quantum mechanics.

The rotor makes 60 million rotations per minute, for example, a dental drill makes 100 thousand times less revs.

This open mass applications, scientists can conduct research in materials science and to observe how to behave in a variety of materials in extreme conditions.

Dumbbell the size of 200 nanometers was placed in a vacuum and by laser asking her movement. When the laser line is straight the dumbbell vibrates when the round – the dumbbell revolves.

It is believed that the vacuum is an absolute emptiness, but scientists assure us that when the rotor rotates, they appear and disappear virtual nano particles. They want to study this in more detail. Also, the rotation of the rotor is possible to obtain new information about friction and gravity.


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