Scientists have created “Golden potatoes”


Ученые создали «золотой картофель» In many developing countries vitamin a deficiency is common.

Because scientists from Ohio State University, together with colleagues from Italy have developed a genetically-engineered “Golden” potato, rich in Pro-vitamin A, converted in the body to vitamin a, and vitamin E.

According to who, vitamin a deficiency is a major cause of preventable blindness in children and an increased risk of lethal infections diseases, moreover vitamin a deficiency increases the risk of death among pregnant women, a deficiency of vitamin E affects the muscles, vision and immune system. Since most areas of developing countries live directly on their own products, and to grow something other than potatoes in many areas is quite difficult, scientists have begun to develop a potato filled with all the necessary vitamins.

On the basis of laboratory tests, including a simulated human digestive system, researchers found that the “Golden potato”, weighing 150 grams may provide children with 42 percent of essential vitamins and pregnant women up to 34 percent.

Despite positive research results, the “Golden potato” is not yet available and is under clinical trials.


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