Scientists have created a new kind of robots working without electricity


Ученые создали новый вид роботов, работающих без электричества One of the potential areas of application “gyrobot” — medicine.

Researchers from Seoul national University in South Korea have developed miniature robots that do not require a traditional power source.

The idea was to create a device capable of moving inside the human body without danger to his health. To use normal batteries is impossible, as there is always a chance of explosion.

Therefore, scientists have created “gigrovata”, is used as a power source humidity. Last in the human body abound, so the problems with the functioning of these robots should arise.

Such robots can have different shapes, but they all look like insects or worms. They can only move in one direction, as do snakes or caterpillars.

One of the potential areas of application “gyrobot” — medicine. Doctors can use these tiny devices to deliver drugs to the desired location in the human body.


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