Scientists have created a glass from wooden material


Ученые создали стекло из деревянного материалаThe invention is not a replacement for traditional glass.

Researchers from Sweden have provided a completely new type of glass, made from wood material. According to the researchers, this glass will help to reduce the cost of many items in which it is present. In addition, scientists insist on the sustainability of the final product.

Scientists from Stockholm have been able to create Costello of wood, now it is not 100% clear, but researchers say that this will be corrected with time. They claim that this invention will reduce the cost, save the environment, because the supply of wood can be replaced.

To make wood transparent, it was done by two steps. The first was to use chemical action to remove veneer from wood lignin. Since the school program it is known that lignin included in the stock of terrestrial plants. Together with two other components, he determines the strength of a tree. It is also known that lignin ensure the integrity of the channels in the tree to the water, how veins, rising up. In addition, it is liginin determines the color of the wood in the cut. Scientists have completely removed him from the veneer.

The second step has been to cover the resulting material is white in color with a transparent polymer, allowing to achieve transparency of the wooden plate.

According to some experts, this invention is not a replacement for the traditional glass, for example, in the Windows of the home, as ligninom or without it, it is still a wood material that will ignite at the slightest exposure to fire.


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