Scientists have created a drug to get rid of the flu for a day


Ученые создали препарат, избавляющий от гриппа за сутки

In Japan, this year I want to produce a new unique product that will help to get rid of the flu for one day.

According to the manufacturer Shionogi$Co., the tool will help to cope with the disease for just one day, this is much faster than the rest of modern medicine.

A new drug called poloxamer marbocyl. Also the creators talk about other advantages: it belongs to the class of inhibitors of endonuclease.

Unique clinical study was conducted on the respondents who were sick with the flu. It turned out that the faster the drug kills the virus, so the patient ceases to be contagious within two days. This will help to reduce the epidemic that occurs every year.

The Ministry of health, labour and welfare of Japan, a new project has been approved, now need to wait for official permission, which will arrive in March of this year. After that, the drug will appear in drugstores of the country.


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