Scientists have confirmed the existence of “portals”


Ученые подтвердили существование "порталов"The results of the study will be presented before the end of April.

“Wormholes” may exist, but they are useless. To this conclusion, as reported by the Daily Mail, came a group of scientists from Harvard.

Wormholes – “tunnels” in space. Their existence allows for the General theory of relativity, but until now, scientists have not watched.
In the new study, scientists from Harvard University have analyzed the hypothesis of colleagues Leonard Susskind and Juan Maldacena that particles in entangled quantum state can be connected krotovym donors.

The full results of the study will be presented before the end of April at the event in the American physical society, but one of its authors – Daniel Jeffreys told the publication that the study admits the existence of wormholes.

However, scientists from Harvard believe that the way specific a headlock between two black holes which it connects, long way between them on the hole.

According to Jeffries, in addition to the possible evidence of the ineffectiveness of mole burrows as routes for space travel, the study can help to establish a common view on quantum gravity.


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