Scientists have called the worst period in the history of mankind


Ученые назвали худший период в истории человечестваThe researchers decided that the worst is 536 a year from Christmas

This year was the starting point for a 100-year economic downturn. Archaeologist at Harvard University and expert on the middle Ages Michael McCormick said: “It was the beginning of one of the worst periods of life, if not literally the worst year at all.”

This year was the starting point for a 100-year economic downturn that affected humanity. At that time, Byzantium was the 10th year of the reign of Justinian the Great, was not observed anything unusual. The disaster was caused by natural anomalies.

According to experts, Sun closed mysterious dusty fog, which led to lower temperature. This was the cause of the chaos caused by drought, summer snow, and crop failures. And as a result there was a terrible famine.

The study also found that this ill-fated year began a large volcanic eruption, which brought ash and frost. The second eruption occurred in the year 540, which further aggravated the situation. And in 541 year began the so-called Justiniana plague that struck mass of humanity. People the recovery took about a hundred years.


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