Scientists have calculated hazardous dose sleep


Ученые вычислили опасную для здоровья дозу снаSleep day slightly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

An international group of scientists recognized that excessive sleep increases the risk of heart disease. The study was published in the journal of the European society of cardiology.

Scientists studied the diaries of sleep more than 116 thousand people gathered over eight years in seven regions of the world. They found that the optimal sleep duration of six to eight hours a day. Those who sleep more than eight hours daily increases the risk of death by five percent. Sleeping more than ten hours the risk by 41% stronger.

Scientists have noted that sleep in the day also slightly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, if a person sleeps less than six hours.

Previously, scientists from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (USA) found that turmeric is very good for health as it improves the endurance of the heart. This seasoning helps to deliver chemotherapy to cancer cells and positively affects the heart.


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