Scientists have been able to raise fish of rare species to the surface of the ocean


Ученым удалось поднять рыб редких видов к поверхности океанаTo the ocean depths more than 100 meters the fauna is under threat

Experts managed to find new for the science species, many of which have a variety of system of “illumination”.

For such a difficult task, the experts have used special mobile chamber.

As told by California scientists who are members of the underwater expedition, they successfully raised the unexplored deep-sea fish to the surface of the ocean without harm to their health and in living form. The fact that such upgrades have been carried out, but due to the pressure differential of the fish were killed, which prevented further studies. It turned out that among caught in the twilight zone of reef fish, there were many species with which science had not yet encountered.

Scientists emphasize that the depth of the ocean over 100 meters the fauna is under threat, because the reefs start to disappear, and the fish grow in such an environment. However, the new harmless method of raising samples to the surface allows a closer look at the fish, which the experts will try more carefully examined.


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