Scientists grow bones and teeth of shell


Scientists mixed-shell hydrogel based on gelatin and cultured this substance in an incubator.

At the University of Massachusetts has developed a technology to use eggshell for the treatment and cultivation of bone tissue and teeth. The results open has published the scientific journal Biomaterials Science.

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The team under the leadership of associate Professor of chemical engineering, Dr. Guilders Kimchi-Unal studied the potential of the eggshell. The study showed that the mixture of crushed egg shells and gel helps bone cells of rats faster and harder to grow in a laboratory experiment.

Then immature bone cells, the rats were placed in the mixture. As a result, formed new bone that was implanted back to the rodents to test the biocompatibility of the new material.

“This is the first study which uses a hydrogel-based particles eggshell for bone repair. We are very pleased with the results and have already filed a patent for a new material,” said Dr. Kimchi-Unal.

Scientists expect that the open method will help them to treat people whose bones are damaged from age, disease or injury. The same technique can be used in transplantation to restore the injured bone, fill in the area where the bone is missing, or to provide additional support during hip replacement. Along with the bone, the same method can be used for growing cartilage, teeth and tendons.


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